First cut dr mohamed haneef statement on arrival of our family in Iran

First cut dr mohamed haneef statement on arrival of our family in Iran; he met his wife, child and mother; they are all happy in Iran.

“We are happy and will go back to Iran after finishing our studies at universities in Tehran.”

They will stay in Tehran until November 2nd and then move to other towns.

“We have our house here and we will travel for free. The money골목 will be provided to us by family”, explained the couple.

On Sunday, they gave birth to baby Moulana, which is 2 months old.

“In September, we had already planned a lot of CDC 철도청 카지노activities so now we are waiting for the decision from our family and people. It’s very exciting news.”

They also said they will prepare a message to Iranians before the visit.

Abdullah Ahmad Abadi, an adviser to the newly elected Prime Minister Nourih Ebadi told Press TV that they should wait till December for the decision.

Ebadi’s office has previously been involved in some of the social programs and activities conducted by Iranians.

In a previous statement, Ahmad Abadi had said, “It is with joy that we inform the people of Iran that our family is coming here, where the family of the prime minister, Muhanadnejad will have settled for the first time since 2004, for a permanen예스카지노t residence visa for them to work in this country for a period of seven years.”

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Last August the couple’s first child, Fadwa, was born to husband Fadwa and wife, Mirna. She is now 10 months old.

“She has been a bright child. We have seen that in many countries such as Iraq, she had developed into an amazing fighter. So it is natural for our family to go back to Iran”, says Haneef.

The parents are expected to arrive in Tehran on Monday, and then will travel to Tehran to meet the Iranian government in person.

He expects they will receive their visas before mid-December at the latest. They will be returning to Tehran for two to three months at least, and it is expected that they will return home again and take care of their family once back in the region.

Haneef explains that at the moment, they were not very comfortable in their new home