Four time olympic champion de bruijn retires

Four time olympic champion de bruijn retires.

“I have전주출장샵 전주출장안마 no time for anything. I don’t have any time for people’s opinions; it’s not for me,” he ad바카라사이트ded.

The Dutchman made a career out of dominating in their world championships last summer, reaching the semi-finals with France.

The 22-year-old also captained the Dutch team at the World Championships earlier this year, becoming the first Dutchman to represent the team since 2004.

Frazier will become the fourth player to retire from the squad after the retirement of former captain Paul Uy and Mark van Bommel, who is returning to coaching.

Frazi구리출장안마 구리출장샵er’s retirement also means that van de Graaf will become the first coach-active Belgian after his departure from the game.