Police investigate currumbin fire: ‘It looks to have been arson’

Police investigate currumbin fire: ‘It looks to have been arson’

Firefighters extinguished a fire in Currumbin that spread to a neighbouring house and apartment block overnight.

Currumbin Fire and Rescue District chief executive Steve Kostner told AAP: ‘We are still investigating whether this incident was an arson incident or an accident.

‘There are a lot of wires and pipes that are out there and we haven’t been able to secure아산안마 them.

‘We have to determine whether they were intentionally placed out by the people who did it.’

Hannah Pang said she came home from work when she was awoken by a loud bang on her door.

‘I thought it was a loud knock or knock on the door,’ she sa개츠비 카지노id.

‘My father, who also lived nearby, woke me up at around 2.30am and said there was a fire outside his house.’

She said she had not heard from her father since.

Mara Naeiria, 35, came home from work around 2.45am on Saturday after coming outside to find a huge fire outside her house on Mounstone Street.

‘My neighbour is a very good neighbour, and he’s pretty worried now about who else might have been in there,’ she said.

‘A man who lives across the road and we were both on a walk when the fire happened. He went into the garage and 대전 출장 안마looked at the garage and said: ‘It looks like a car fire’.”

Hannah and Steve Kostner. (Supplied)

She said she knew what had happened but thought nobody was home because the area of the house was fairly quiet.

‘I have seen it a number of times before in my neighbourhood,’ she said. ‘A man is going on foot and they just don’t come out, there’s no light.’

‘Somebody did do it because they thought there wouldn’t be any doors left open to let someone out of their house. I just think it was stupid.’

‘My husband came home and he just went outside to do what he normally does, he looked up from his house and the smoke went all over the roof and came across the road,’ she added.

Hannah’s wife and daughter were out celebrating with friends when she heard someone shouting in the distance.

‘My husband said, “I have no idea how to react to that,” he told her. ‘He said, “