Gold coast airport to get 200m upgrade in 2020

Gold coast airport to get 200m upgrade in 2020.”

The $9.1 billion Port Botany Road upgrade to the Gold Coast Airport will enable more air traffic to be diverted from the Gold Coast, which is already the busiest airport in Australia.

Mr Abbott said this would create $5 billion in jobs and create more opportunities for young people and other skilled workers.

“We don’t want to spend the money on infrastructure and investment just to put up a fence around a major port.샌즈 카지노

“We want to keep the ports open, our trade ports, international trade and economic opportunity.

“As prime minister I would never have gone on a road project that was so risky, or as expensive.

“I would have do호 게임ne something that was safe, and safe investments.

“But in the end the Australian people have not borne any of these costs, and we are now getting the opportunity to do the thing that we thought we had done before and do it differently next time.

“My aim with the Port Botany Road upgrade is to get the economy going again for the next 25 to 30 years.”

Mr Abbott also said he would not rush the upgrade and would “set clear timeframes”, which would be negotiated between the government and the states.

But the government is committed to investing in Australia’s infrastructure to make the country greener.

“We have got to deliver on this. You know the big thing is we’re going to continue to build Australia’s coal plants – the plants that pay dividends. That is our objective,” Mr Abbott said.

Mr Abbott, who was due to leave the federal election campaign in the early afternoon, is facing a fierce challenge from Labor’s foreign affairs spokesperson Julie Bishop, who is seeking her party’s leader to “be a very open guy” in a primary election in Western Australia.

Mr Abbott is widely considered to have the stronger campaign 바카라사이트for a second term in the federal Labor leadership despite his early retirement.

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