Sophie delezio returns home

Sophie delezio returns home. At a birthday party, she becomes increasingly attracted to her father. After an argument, she breaks off all contact with him, even telling him to stay away. At his workplace, Sophie attempts to kill him with a dagger, but fails miserably. His friends are outraged by the act and begin taking a public stance against his father, with several attempting to kill him personally, including an older woman who has recently moved into a house in the neighborhood.

Sophie returns to her family home to find that her father’s body has been buried, with his body parts scattered about. Sophie believes his body parts contain his family history, and is determined to find them. One evening, a group of police arrive at her father’s house and begin questioning the house’s inhabitants. Sophie is stunned by the news, but after a few days, she begins feeling remorseful about her actions, remembering her father’s “disease.”

Sophie attempts to hide her discovery, going by a pseudonym. After a few days, a friend of her father’s sends her a message by text message. Her father, who has no recollection of being involved in the murder, answers and congratulates her on her efforts. He is happy for Sophie’s efforts and believes 성남출장마사지she will have a future. When she is revealed to have found the skull from the skull box, Sophie begins to be consumed by anxiety. Her father’s friend says Sophie’s actions were reckless and irresponsible, but Sophie insists she must try to live the rest of her life and that the skull from the skull box was her father’s life. She tells him that the next time she will be more sure of herself. His comment that sh청주출장샵e has given him too much time to think may be a reference to the previous episode, when Sophie was about to die by drowning, only to have a new attempt to save her successful, as opposed to not.

Sophie receives another anonymous message asking what she can do to help her father with the problems of the family, and her brother asks her what her name is so that they could communicate. Sophie responds by telling her father’s friends that her name is Sophie. As the conv용인출장마사지ersation continues, her friend gives her a key and she starts walking out of the house.

Sophie and her mother find a newspaper clipping and run to the newspaper to see that a new issue has appeared. The article reports a woman who claims to be a “pope” to have disappeared. Sophie finds the story intriguing, so she leaves th