Govt urged to expand water saving plan

Govt urged to expand water saving plan

Anil Mukherjee : There should be full implementation of the NSS (New South Wales Strategic Water Saving Plan), which is the focus of the Ministry of Water, Rejuvenation and Ganga Research, and this has to be implemented within six months of the date of the Notification of Implementation dated 14 January 2013.

Jagadish Rajasekharan : It is a very positive move. I see great value in the efforts being made and I’m sure the Government will take a similar view. It’s a big step forward for water conservation.

As for irrigation, this is also a very positive step.

We’re not in favour of using pesticides, we do not need any and the usage of irrigation wa슬롯 머신ter has been limited for thousands of years. However, in the worst cases when there’s damage from drought, for example in the southern states, where people are growing, there will often be very little water available for irrigation. But if the drought has now subsided, there may be more irrigation needed and with that, an increased amount of irrigation water will be available. We know that our farmers have been farming for thousands of years and their water availability is dependent on rainfall for some of their crops. We also do not have to worry about crop damage, which is happening at the moment.

Monsieur de la Rochefoucauld : We have not changed our position. There is a need to make a water-saving programme and this is something which will be part of the State water allocation plan under the Central Government.

Water conservation could make a difference in many ways. For instance, it will increase the rate of water use by irrigators, since they usually cut their water usage during the dry seasons.

One of the aims 여주출장샵of our progr에볼루션 카지노ammes is to make agriculture efficient, reduce the amount of water needed per hectare and we have done that. In many ways, this programme has already contributed, but also we will need to continue this on a large scale.

The Government is looking at what it can do here. The scheme is there as is, but the State Government needs to make sure the water is available for all. That has to be achieved with a large quantity of water.

Water conservation is important. For instance, if a farmer uses a certain amount of water for irrigation, if there is no surplus water available, they have to pay for water, they have to buy more irrigation water, which can potentially increase their cost per irrigate