Paris court jails frenchman linked to madrid terror attacks

Paris court jails frenchman linked to madrid terror attacks

The French justice ministry has filed a criminal charge against a man who it believes helped orchestrate the Paris terror attacks.

An unnamed 28-year-old Frenchman with a “strong extremist and수원 출장 안마 anti-constitutional political opinion” was arrested in Bordeaux at the week카지노사이트end and faces charges related to planning and directing “acts of terrorism.”

French authorities have been pursuing the French national since January 2015 when they arrested him near Le Havre for sharing anti-Muslim videos t제천출장마사지hat were viewed more than 1 million times on Facebook. A criminal complaint claims that he was inspired to carry out the attacks by a YouTube video of the attacks in Paris, published by the Islamist extremist organization Al-Muhajiroun.

The charges come a day after the country’s president issued a warning that “the terrorism wave that struck our land this summer in the Arab world… will continue” even though some of those attacks were carried out by “marginals and youth.”

The attack in Normandy in April 2016 was claimed by the Islamic State group and resulted in the deaths of 130 people, mostly French soldiers and police. It prompted the government of newly elected president Emmanuel Macron to pledge to “continue combat” against the organization.

As the man was taken into custody during a search, he shouted anti-government slogans and pledged to carry out future attacks, according to a news report from BFM TV, and told police he wanted to create “a radical Islamic army.”

The man reportedly told police he had a history of radicalizing “marginals and youth,” and said he had studied in the Middle East for years and wanted to go to Syria to join “the Salafist jihad.” The prosecutor had no comment when asked whether the man had a criminal record.

A source at a counterterrorist cell in Paris told the French radio station BFMTV that the man is believed to have “enlisted in the ranks” of an organization called the Movement for France and had recently “returned” to France.

After becoming radicalized in the course of traveling to the Middle East for military training, he went to France where he was convicted in late 2015 of participating in and trying to plan terrorist attacks. He is scheduled for a trial this month, the agency reported.

The group is based on the English website that carried the extremist videos, Le Monde said.

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