Councillor puts spotlight on caravan facilities, city spending

Councillor puts spotlight on caravan facilities, city spending

Alderman George Cardenas says an investigation will be underway into city-owned facilities that are still not being used.

Cardenas says he would like to see new facilities built near the city’s downtown.

“We’re not the ones that are being kept busy. This area, these people have been there for decades. It’s time to invest,” Cardenas said.

City staff plan on reviewing more properties near the downtown core that were once used for rental trailers, city documents show.

Cardenas says this was the first time he had received information from staff.

“It’s disappointing,” said Cardenas. “This is a small project but it is important. These people have been there for decades and we need them back here. The city has been around for 150 years and they’re here for a reason.”

The city’s budget this year will be $9 million, but Cardenas says more money for maintenance has been requested. He also says the department is concerned about budget cuts that come with a decrease in the state budget.

Cardenas is also calling for an increase in funding for transportation. He says it is not just an issue of cars moving around the city.

“If there’s cars all over the city then it can cause congestion because we’re getting thousands of people who come out the door but are sitting back on the street waiting for those cars to come through,” said Cardenas.

While the city has been cutting funding the past three years, City Councilman Paul Koretz says that won’t happen this year.

“We will continue to do the same things we do. We’ve done a good job,” said Koretz. “We’ll just make sure that we come up with the appropriate means to keep those projects going because I’m not sure we’ve really provided enough money to the citizens.”

On M솔레어 카지노onday, the city’s transportation department announced plans to close parking lots in a two-block stretch of Market Street. The city estimates they will용인안마 keep about 75 percent of these properties for four years.

The city will use the money to make repairs to parking garages and to purchase additional street parking.

City officials hope their projects will provide some relief to many of the parking lots around downtown.

Koretz also expressed concern about the traffic jams people say they encounter on Market during peak hours.

“What this is 평택출장샵sending out to the citizen