Parents vow to keep fighting for school bus justice

Parents vow to keep fighting for school bus justice

By Jennifer Chia

March 13 (UPI) — The teachers union plans to fight back Friday against a federal ruling that would have school buses that can seat up to 13 children be allowed on public transit, even though they 바카라cannot carry more than nine passengers.

The Texas Tribune reported Tuesday that the U.S. Justice Department found that a Dallas school bus company had not been aware of the city’s rules, according to a letter from the agency to the Texas Municipal Transportation Agency.

The ruling says the company violated a law that allows public school boards to set policy for which buses are allowed in local parochial school districts.

“These are buses in use by tens of thousands of citizens across Texas, all o성남출장마사지 성남안마f whom wish to use these buses to take to and from school,” the letter reads. “As a result, it is appropriate for school boards to take all reasonable steps to ensure that these vehicles remain accessible to citizens, and that they continue to operate within the maximum allowable capacity.”

The letter goes on to detail Texas legislation that requires boards to gr수원안마ant bus companies access to bus stops with the exception of bus stops designated as limited stops.

“By providing transit access to these specific bus stops in this manner, your company is violating Section 8 of the Texas Public Policy Act (pp. 8-10) which states, ‘It is unlawful to operate any vehicle in any route or traffic flow of a highway upon any portion of the highway for purposes of transporting persons if it is located within the immediate area of any such section or flow,’ ” the letter reads.

“Therefore, our union urges you to consider the impact you are having on the families of students, employees, school buses, school maintenance, and public schools in this community and how you can do what you can to eliminate these unsafe conditions.”

The union has said that students will “survive this school bus violence” as officials have vowed to continue their campaign to see Texas school bus companies shut down by the end of the year.

“The people of the United States are being robbed of all their rights of freedom of speech and expression. That is why we fought this school bus violence in this courtroom and in this way,” said Dallas City Councilwoman Jody Heitner, who attended today’s hearing.

“When a student, a parent, a member of our school board, the whole city came together… to demand change, change finally happened,” Heitner added. “My question t