Egypt road crash kills 21: “No comment” as it is ruled ‘unexplained’

Egypt road crash kills 21: “No comme에볼루션 카지노nt” as it is ruled ‘unexplained’.

French police and rescue workers look for remains of a burnt-out truck in the southern city of Caen on Wednesday. Police say 22 people were hurt in a crash that happened when a white Renault driven by 24-year-old Frenchman Yannick Rocher collapsed into a ditch and killed a group of four French soldiers. Six others were hospitalized with injuries. AFP PHOTO / FRANCOIS MORAIS-SEOUL (Photo credit should read FRANCOIS MORAIS-SEOUL/AFP/Getty Images)

By Eric Yee, CNN International Staff Writer

(CNN) – A deadly road accident in the nort샌즈 카지노hern Spanish city of Caen Thursday left 21 people seriously hurt, the city’s mayor said.

The accident took place in the 청주출장마사지small town of Lira del Lago near the border with France during rush hour.

Lira del Lago, in the foothills of the Pyrenees, lies in a region that hosts some of the world’s biggest oil reserves — and where the country’s president this week vowed that its “safety will be maintained.”

The driver of the Renault was driving slowly down a narrow country road, speeding by about 20 km/h, when the accident happened, Mayor Javier Fausler said, adding that the man driving behind him had suffered only minor injuries.

Police had already announced two people were hurt. The French ambassador in Caen said he could not confirm the exact death toll because he was not in contact with the driver.

Rocher died instantly, said Manuel García, director of communications for the local prosecutor’s office.

Authorities said the cause of the accident was under investigation but the driver’s family did not want to discuss the crash because the victim was a “very young man.”

The local traffic police and the country’s civil protection agency were checking on the man’s condition, local media reported.

The crash has shaken Caen and raised concerns about safety in other French towns and cities with large military bases, as well as in the country’s major oil producing region of Cote d’Azur.

At least 27 people, mostly from neighboring Cote d’Azur province, were killed on the nation’s northern border in 2009 by a driver speeding at an estimated 120 km/h on a country road, according to the National Commission for the Investigation of Unsolved Fatalities.